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The history of Ruitersvlei reaches way back in excess of 350 years. Thanks to a chance discovery in the 1650's by a group of riders who were surveying the area for the Dutch East India Company, this valley became known as Ruitersvallei. The first record of the farm appeared in 1688. Originally called Ruigtervallei, the farm subsequently became known as Ruigtervlei and recorded as such in 1692. The original farm was 57 morgen in extent, and was granted to Guillame Frisnet. The farm changed hands many times and eventually became known as Ruitersvlei, its present name. In 1704 the Faure family became involved in Ruitersvlei, and were the owner/farmers until recent times.


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The farm is situated below a small mountain topped with a granite dome, known as “die perl” or “the pearl” from which the town of Paarl gets its name.

Paarl was one of the first places to be settled, along with Groot Drakenstein and Franschoek, following the arrival of the French Huegenots in the Cape of Good Hope.  Today many residents of Paarl can trace their ancestors to these early settlers.


The town of Paarl is noted for its many beautiful historic buildings some of which were originally built in the late 1700’s.

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