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A Multifaceted Adventure

 Wine farming in the Western Cape is changing. The planting of vines and growing of grapes, harvesting and processing the harvest and finally bottling the red and white wines has always been fundamental to the activities on our farms. However we believe that our wine farm offers many opportunities outside of these fundamentals.Conference Outside View - Resized

Ruitersvlei is centrally located in the Wine Route, being a mere 5 kilometers from Paarl, 40 minutes from Cape Town International Airport and close to Wellington and Stellenbosch. Cape Town is 40 minutes away along the N1. And Ruitersvlei is among the largest of wine farms in the are being 561 hectares in extent. Certain parts of the farm have excellent soils and aspects for growing the best grapes, and these areas will remain under viticulture. The other areas are less than ideal for wine farming, and we have decided to use these areas for some very exciting developments, while all the time keeping the original rural feel of the farm.



Hotel Accommodation

This consists of 12 double rooms with views of Paarl Mountain and Table Mountain.  Elegantly finished in travertine tiles and with modern bathrooms. We offer bed, breakfast and lunch.

Hospitality Centre

The hospitality function rooms can accommodate events of between 15 to 200 guests. An ideal wedding venue has already seen weddings exceeding 150 guests. The restaurant which incorporates a wine tasting room can welcome 60 to 100 guests.The renovated working cellar and the original historical cellar offer tours on the history and practices of wine making.


Workers as Partners

Our workers are seen as partners essential to the future of Ruitersvlei. In 2016 Ruitersvlei has successfully undergone an IPW (Integrated Production of Wine)  audit for the farm and the cellar, and became member of WIETA (Wine and Agricultural Ethical Trading Association)  in terms of good business practices.


Wine FarmingVeritas Award 2016

Veritas Award

The wine farming activities have been restructured.  Wine farming  will  continue on the current 113 h hectares of prime “ terroir “,  plus a further 15 hectares  to be replanted. Diversified crop cultivation will take place on a further 150 hectares.

Synonymous with excellence in wine and brandy, the Veritas Awards  is the longest running and most prestigious wine and brandy competition in South Africa, dating back to 1991. As the longest running and biggest competition it has earned its reputation as one of South Africa’s most authoritative and credible competitions for market-ready wines and is backed by a stringent judging system.

In 2016 Ruitersvlei renewed the tradition of regularly obtaining VERITAS medals by receiving two bronze medals in respect of its Merlot 2014 and the Reserve Syrah Mourvedre Viognier 2014. The Cabernet Sauvignon Pinotage blends and Bordeaux blends are also excellent. Our winemakers lead by Nico Vermeulen have reserved a few surprises for 2016.




Real Estate Development Project Dam with mountain background - comp

The real estate development project will take place across the Suid Agter Paarl road on the subdivision, on 200 hectares of  quasi nature reserve and wet-land bordering two large lakes. This development will preserve the wetland and the rural feel of the area.

This socio economic development and employment creation project  associated with land ownership will be a groundbreaking pilot project in the western Cape.

The new investors of Ruitersvlei have brought new life and economic development and activity  in this old valley which will largely benefit from the new dawn in one of the oldest wine farms in the Western Cape.   


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