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Ruitersvlei is a 280ha wine farm on the south western slopes of Paarl mountain.(33*44"40.40 S 18*53"49.33 E).

Ruitersvlei is the second largest wine farm in the Western Cape.

Because of the size and location of the farms we have a huge diversity of soil types. We can pick the right soil for the right cultivar. On the slopes we have our oakleaf and tukulu soils which are best suited for our Sauvignon Blanc and Chenin Blanc. Down in the valley we have villafontes soils for our Shiraz and Merlot grapes.

On the far south western side of the farm we have Kroonstad soil which is a medium potential soil. The yield on this soil is lower and there is no irrigation on these vineyards. This is responsible for the full body taste of the Pinotage and Cabernet Sauvignons. 80% of our vineyards get supplement irrigation in the late summer. The location of the farm on the south western slopes of Paarl mountain overlooking the Atlantic ocean provides nice warm summer days that cool off at night. This is essential for getting optimum ripeness. The cooler nights help with the build-up of flavour molecules which evaporates during the days heat.

Wine Trees


The Wine Collection

We have some exciting wines that are now available to the public.

The Ruitersvlei Range



           NICO VERMEULEN and Elton Arendse


  •  Nico started work within the wine industry more than 40 years ago; whereafter he studied the finer detail of cellular technology at Elsenburg.
  • Over the years he has worked at a number of Cellars including, but not limited to, Ashton Wine Cellar, SImonsig, L’Omarins, Savana Wines, Havana Hills and Wedderwill. This however is not the numerus clausus of his experience and knowledge.
  • Presently he is the Resident- Winemaker at Ruitersvlei Wines while parallel thereto he also makes his own wines under his own label at Ruitersvlei.
  • As an accomplished Wine Maker he has been the gracious recipient of many Wine Awards more especially the Sauvignon Blanc range as well as the double gold for the Shiraz for 5 consecutive years.  This in itself is an achievement of note.  In addition to the aforesaid, during his time as winemaker at L’Ormarins and Simonsig, he won a great number of prizes, too numerous to detail, but specific recollection relates to the best Wine Estate in South Africa in respect of each of these wine estates.

Our Assistant Winemaker, Elton Arendse, will be fully qualified by the end of September 2016 from Elsenburg College which is affiliated to Stellenbosch University. Elton has been working and assisting in the wine-making for the last past 3 years under guidance of Nico Vermeulen. He has also developed his presentation skills and has done an excellent presentation on new wines at the Good Food and Wine show, Johannesburg, in July 2016


Please follow the link below to view and download detailed analyses of our delightful wines.

Catalogue September 2016


Harvest Time

Sauvignon Blanc Harvest - Feb 2014 - 2
Sauvignon Blanc Harvest Feb 2014 - 1
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Sauvignon Blanc Harvest - Feb 2014 - 4
Sauvignon Blanc Harvest - Feb 2014 -3
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